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Live Web Streaming:

Prolives.in services are much more than a technology platform. The value Prolives.in brings to webstreaming and virtual events is a unique ‘all-solutions’ approach — making it THE Virtual Events Provider of choice for some of the world’s most demanding, exacting and quality conscious organizations. Top organizations from a wide spectrum of fields starting from publishing, technology, rely on Prolives.in for their end-to-end web streming and virtual event initiatives.

Vmix, OBS, Adobe flash used for encoding and streaming live and on-demand media. Flawless execution is required for the types of events for which Encast systems are typically used. Prolives.in has implemented a number of measures, such as redundant servers, to ensure reliability. Due to its vast experience of handling events & providing solutions, it has a Knowledge Base which is regularly updated & expanded with resolved issues. Prolives.in professionals have an elaborate trouble shooting mechanism that has the ability to react immediately and positively with creative solutions in any of those rare instances when customers spot any discrepancies that may affect their viewing audiences.

Traditional Photography and Videography:


Why Prolives.in? If you have tried to host any wedding, you will know the troubles associated with organising an event. Trying to coordinate with the photographer just to schedule a meeting, only to be told that he / she is not available on those dates, negotiating prices, asking for samples and then rinse, repeat; Not to forget all the other  event-related arrangements you have to take care of.

Themed photography for your wedding reception, video shoot for the ‘Dhaare’ or those highlights from the ‘Oonjal’ ceremony; you name it and we are glad to assist. We understand the importance of traditions associated with each ritual that is a part of your wedding. Prolives.in would love to make sure that each of these memories are well recorded in your life’s book. Few years down the lane, you will be cherishing all of these with a nice big smile. Book a photography and videography team via Prolives.in Wedding Assist.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: 


Prolives.in also helps you with recording and saving memories with perfect backdrops before you tie the knot. We help you stay ahead of the crowd by having photoshoots at the most romantic locations. The popular “pre-wedding photoshoot” will be the perfect start to your wedding celebrations. All of these can be arranged without breaking your head or burning a hole in your pocket. Reach out to us to find out more about pre-wedding photoshoot.

Candid Photography and Vidography:

Candid photos are those that capture emotions in their natural form. They contain no artificial flavors. These photos touch the beholder’s heart within seconds. Remember that look of love and affection in your significant other’s eyes when they saw you for the first time in your wedding attire? Now imagine reliving that moment again and again. Feels good, doesn’t it? Record such memories and much more with candid photography.

Drone Photography:

Have you climbed ten flights of stairs just to click the perfect picture? All of us have roamed around a million times to get that exact angle and have secretly wished for wings. This is (in part) possible now, with Drone photography! With Prolives.in by your side, you can arrange for aerial photography for your Reception or any other wedding related ceremony, and make your dreams come true.
The flying camera captures those exact details that you had hoped to capture. Just like roombas and chatbots that are making our lives easier, drone cameras are simplifying photoshoots. Being a fan of technology ourselves, Prolives.in brings to you the most advanced and stylish ways of clicking photos and recording events. Remember – we are just a click away before you fly that special sky lantern or host the next quidditch game!

Complete Production and Event Management Capabilities

The virtual event is becoming an increasingly important enterprise marketing strategy. However, with pervasiveness comes the need to differentiate through added value. Targets can be inundated with opportunities to attend virtual shows or participate in webinars. As a result, marketers need to go beyond merely offering a virtual event — they need to be discriminating when it comes to targets, and they need to offer content that attendees find truly valuable. Only then do virtual events attract the right audiences and deliver useful leads to marketers.
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